On the Start Conversations page, select the Channels that you want to send a message to. This can be one or more existing channel(s) or channel tag(s). Using Channel Tags allows you to send a message to multiple channels by specifying a single tag.

For example, you may have channels that are used for Support and some for Customers. In this case, you can add tags to each to identify them as internal support channels or customer channels by using tags. You can create a support-tag and customer tag. Then, when selecting the channel to send the message to, you can select the customer-tag to send it to all customer channels.

Next, write the message in the Message field—type in your simple message text. Optionally use markdown in your message. More advanced messages can be written using the Slack Block Kit Builder.

Lastly, set the Send as. Select who the message will be posted from. This can be sent as Me (the one creating the message) or as the Agent Bot.

Click Send to send the message.

Starting Conversations allows you to send out messages to customers. These messages are sent to members of a channel and not messages that are tied to a ticket.

Start a conversation by clicking the ellipsis ("...") button at the top of the Agent page, then select Start Conversation.

The Start Conversations page opens.