Viewing a ticket

When you click View Ticket, the ticket information will open in a popup window.

The top of the window displays all of the basic information about the ticket. This includes the Subject, Status, Date Created, Priority, and Description.

Customer Info

When clicking View Ticket, the Customer Information is displayed at the top of the ticket. This information is not visible to the customer or the agent. This includes the customer's name, company, and email address.

Customer Notes

If there are any customer notes on the ticket they will display under the ticket information.

<aside> 💡 See Customer Notes and Tags for more information on Customer notes.


Editing Tickets

You can edit the ticket details by clicking Edit Ticket. See ‣ for more information on editing tickets.

Customer's tickets

Next, you will see the last 3 tickets created by the same customer. Usually, when a customer has a question, it is related to a question they asked recently.

Clicking View will open another of the customer's tickets. The view will change to display the header information as well as the messages for the selected ticket.


Under all of the ticket information is the message thread for the ticket. These are all the messages to and from the customer as well as any system notifications.

Redact a message

From the messages, you can choose to Redact a message that you have sent. Redacting a message will delete that message from all Foqal servers. However, it does not additionally delete that message from Slack, which you would have to do manually.

This will hide the content of the message and display the word [REDACTED].