Agent can be configured to integrate with other ticket management systems that your company may be using for ticket tracking and reporting. When tickets are created in an integrated system, they are kept in sync with each other. Whether an update is made in the 3rd party system or in the Agent conversation, the ticket will be synched bi-directionally.


To configure an integration, click Configure in the Global Settings Integration section.

Global Setting Integration Setup

Agent currently works with the following CRM systems. Click on the name of the service you want to integrate with.



Service Now




Okta (Temp)

Default Chat Integration - Once your Integration(s) is configured, you can define the Default Chat Integration. When you click on the dropdown list, you will see the integration options.

This option controls how a ticket is created in the integrated system. By default, it is set to Create tickets manually.

If you want tickets to be created automatically, choose the system to create the ticket in.

Choose the type of ticket, case, chat, etc., that should be created in the system from the dropdown list.

:agent" Emoji Create - This option tells Agent to assign the ticket to the person who clicked on a custom emoji. A ticket is also created in the integrated system, based on the action selected in this dropdown list.

<aside> 💡 Note: To use this feature, you must add a custom emoji to Slack. This option is enacted when a user clicks the custom emoji in a conversation.


Creating a ticket in an Integrated system

Tickets can manually be created from a conversation thread. To manually create a ticket in an integrated system, select an Integration option from the Action dropdown list.

Depending on the integration settings, a Create ticket window may display.

If requested, fill in the ticket information, then click Create. A notification will appear in the current conversation, letting you know that the ticket has been created and the ticket number. A link to the ticket is also provided.

<aside> 💡 Note: Each integrated system has its own requirements. The Create Ticket page will differ based on the system you are using. Once a ticket is created in another system from the current conversation, the Integrations options will disappear for that conversation.