All open tickets are displayed on the Home page of the Agent. You can see all of your tickets and tickets assigned to others.

Tickets List

Open Tickets list can be filtered on the following options:

Advanced Search

Advanced Search allows you to filter the ticket list on other criteria not available in the options.

Enter the search criteria then click Search.

After entering the filter criteria, all matching tickets are displayed in a Ticket results window.

The ticket results show the ticket question, status, creator, and date created.

Click View to see the ticket details.

Ticket Options

View: Opens and displays the Ticket information, including all messages. See Viewing Tickets.

Reopen: If a ticket has been ignored, a Reopen option will display allowing you to reopen the ticket (remove the ignored status).

Participate: Add yourself as a participant. For more information about participants see Adding Participants.

Take Over: If a ticket is assigned to someone else, selecting Take Over allows you to assign it to yourself instead. When taking over a ticket, you can add optional notes about why the ticket assignment is changing. A notification will appear in the message thread about the take over. The conversation will display in the Current Chats queue of the agent who is taking it over.