Conversations (new and existing) are managed from the Agent's Home page.

All of the various chats are displayed in different queues based on their status. This can be new questions, chats you are assigned to, participating in, on hold, etc. Clicking View Thread will open it on the right side of the page.


Waiting for Help Queue

The Waiting for help queue contains new questions that customers send in. They will be turned into tickets and assigned to a user to begin working on them.

<aside> 💡 Refer to Getting Started to see the process of starting a conversation and working a ticket.


Participating Queue

The You are participating in queue contains all conversations that you have been invited to participate in. These threads are not assigned to you but rather there for you to contribute to the conversation.

Refer to Participant Queue to see how to interact with tickets in the Participant Queue.

Your Current Chats List

This is the list of all of the current conversations assigned to you. These are the tickets you are responsible for helping a customer with.

<aside> 💡 See Getting Started to see the process of working on your current chats.


On Hold Queue

The On Hold queue contains all conversations assigned to you but which you have placed on hold.

Refer to Hold to see how to interact with tickets in the On Hold Queue.

Tickets List

This displays a list of all active tickets. You can filter the list on several options or create a new ticket.

<aside> 💡 See Managing Tickets for more information.


Queue Options

All queues behave similarly. They have a View Thread and View Ticket button as well as options to choose from.

Switching threads

Open a conversation or Agent thread on the right side by clicking View Thread.

To preview the ticket, customer information, or messages, click View Ticket.

Queue Options

Click through each option to understand how each works.

Customer Notes and Tags

End Chat



Ticket Notes

Edit Ticket


Current Conversation

The current conversation block is where you can have a conversation with customers, get the overall view of the ticket, and take action.

The information at the top will tell you information about the customer's request. All of these fields (besides the created date) are editable by clicking Edit Ticket.


The following actions can be taken in the current conversation thread.